Covid recovery has proceeded to “pretty much ok, but I need to make time for a nap every day”. Which honestly isn’t so bad, I could get used to this.

The boys have started so many after-school activities we’ve had to juggle their schedules to avoid them overlapping: athletics, ping-pong, piano, guitar, and a course in stop-motion animation.

With all the running around I’ve managed to make a tiny bit of progress on the secret project (which is still secret) and also fit in regular Irish practise, for our first gig later this month.

Reading: Nick Harkaway, Ted Chiang.

Writing: a little joke about music notation and a more careful post about the movie Arrival.

Thinking: I’ve spent a lot of time with the research paper that introduced the notion of “deliberate practise” as a prequisite for mastering a skill. It’s a classic academic exercise and not obviously directly relevant to my life (they were interested in what sets apart the truly expert practitioners of a skill, at say national or international levls) but I did manage to get quite a bit out. Perhaps that will be another post here, when I realise I’ve done nothing worth recording in a week notes for another week.