About the author

My name is Tikitu de Jager. I'm a programmer, PhD, prolific reader, occasional writer, casual musician, would-be typographer, fictional interactor, linguistic enthusiast. I used to proofread for academic friends; I can recite Jabberwocky and The Man from Ironbark; I can fix a flat bicycle tyre. I can't spell "reccommend" but I can do it.

About the name

Greek "λόγος" is the "word" of "In the beginning was the Word"; it means subject and reason and meaning, as well as valuation, proportion, natural law, story, and debate, and of course logic. This site collects some of my words on several quite disparate subjects. Perhaps they share some common meaning.

About the software

The site is hosted by Dreamhost and runs on PmWiki and WordPress. The design (which still needs some tweaking) is a somewhat modified version of Scott Allan Wallick's veryplaintxt (a WordPress theme which I've ported in a rough-and-ready manner to PmWiki).


You can mail me at logophile.org, the name is tikitu.


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