Dec 2023

  • 2023 in review

    It’s been a year. Featuring a lot of music (but never enough), growing boys at home, a new car, one trip up a mountain and one around the world. No partridge, no pear tree. [878 words]

Nov 2023

  • Month Notes

    Covid recovery has proceeded to “pretty much ok, but I need to make time for a nap every day”. Which honestly isn’t so bad, I could get used to this. [208 words]

  • Story of Your Arrival

    For quite literally years I’ve been fascinated by the changes the film Arrival makes to the plot of Story of Your Life, the Ted Chiang story it’s based on. I’m going to thoroughly spoil both (which should be fine since they came out in 1998 and 2016) because I finally found the angle to explain that fascination. Here we go, buckle up. [1314 words]

  • Ambiguity

    I learned from Kara Goldfinch about Braille music notation, which sounds really neat. But one thing about it is particularly hilarious: the note we call C is written, in Braille music notation, “D”. So I trawled wikipedia and my own (sometimes painful) music experience for a few more of those. [323 words]

Oct 2023

  • Weaker notes

    This week we started regular practises for the Irish band. Not much else of note. I’m still very easily tired and have been taking naps at odd moments in the day. Couple of tunes and a bit of reading. [323 words]

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