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‘Now that you mention it, I wonder...’: Awareness, Attention, Assumption. PhD dissertation, 2009. [ download, library ]

“Knowing whether A or B” (Maria Aloni, Paul Égré, & Tikitu de Jager). Forthcoming in Synthese; published online September 2009: doi:10.1007/s11229-009-9646-1

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“Evolutionary support for a procedural semantics for generalised quantifiers”, abstract published in The Evolution of Language, A. Cangelosi, A.D.M. Smith & K. Smith, eds, World Scientific, 2006.


I tend to make rather cryptic slides and rely a lot on explaining them, so I don't usually post my slides afterwards. I'm experimenting with making annotated versions (with notes accompanying each slide). Any feedback about how successful this is would be appreciated. I make my slides with LaTeX and beamer, which apparently produces enormous pdfs, so don't try this from a dialup connection.

“‘Now that you mention it…’: Dynamic attention to possibilities”, LeGO, October 2008. [ pdf (3.1M!) ]

“‘Now that you mention it…’: Attending, or not, to possibilities”, NAP-dag, September 2008.

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