Here is the final (as in sent-to-the-printer) text of my dissertation. My public defence was on December 15th in the Agnietenkapel. (Dr Michael Franke, a co-conspirator on many of these issues, had his defence on the same day.)

My dissertation cover

Any criticism or comment is heartily welcome (although of course its too late to put it in the book); mail me. You might also be interested to see how I organise the LaTeX source. (If there's some way I could make the pdf version more accessible I'd love to hear about it: while the book can't be improved after it's printed, the pdf copy on my website can.)

For reading on-screen (this version has hyperlinks in blue).

For printing (this version has hyperlinks in black; that's the only difference).

Both versions are formatted for B5 paper, since that's how it was printed.

As of just after the defence I still have many copies left, if you like the smell of paper more than that of electrons then feel free to ask for one. (The printer gave me two extra boxes of copies, which I don't look forward to carrying around with me for the rest of my life.)

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Netherlands License. (The rest of my site is under weaker restrictions, but this is after all my dissertation.)