A collection of recordings from the Music Village of 2011.

The performance of the rembetiko group

I made audio recordings from the stage during our performance. (Sorry, singers, I took the gadget off the stage with me when we left so I didn't get your solo numbers.) Olga has some video too but the sound is very poor quality; I'm going to try to put the better-quality audio on the videos and put them on YouTube. Until then, here's "Οι Μαθητές του Μυστακίδη" performing "Ρεμπέτικο στο Αγ. Λαυρέντιο":

  1. (:mp3-player http://www.logophile.org/static/music-village-2011/rembetiko-performance/01-intro.mp3 -link:) Intro (spoken) 01:01
  2. (:mp3-player http://www.logophile.org/static/music-village-2011/rembetiko-performance/02-politiko-syrto.mp3 -link:) Πολίτικο συρτό 03:04
  3. (:mp3-player http://www.logophile.org/static/music-village-2011/rembetiko-performance/03-marika.mp3 -link:) Μαρίκα Χασικλού 03:24
  4. (:mp3-player http://www.logophile.org/static/music-village-2011/rembetiko-performance/04-exoume-ena-problhma.mp3 -link:) Έχουμε ένα πρόβλημα (spoken) 00:20
  5. (:mp3-player http://www.logophile.org/static/music-village-2011/rembetiko-performance/05-lathremboras.mp3 -link:) Ο Λαθρέμπορας 03:39
  6. (:mp3-player http://www.logophile.org/static/music-village-2011/rembetiko-performance/06-alhthina-agaph.mp3 -link:) Αληθινά αγάπη 03:29
  7. (:mp3-player http://www.logophile.org/static/music-village-2011/rembetiko-performance/07-onomata.mp3 -link:) Ονόματα (spoken) 01:13
  8. (:mp3-player http://www.logophile.org/static/music-village-2011/rembetiko-performance/08-ginomai-andras.mp3 -link:) Γίνομαι άντρας 03:39
  9. (:mp3-player http://www.logophile.org/static/music-village-2011/rembetiko-performance/09-na-pexoyme-arga.mp3 -link:) Να πέξουμε αργά (spoken) 00:03
  10. (:mp3-player http://www.logophile.org/static/music-village-2011/rembetiko-performance/10-belalhs.mp3 -link:) Μπελαλής 03:41

In case these links don't work for you, here is an alternative way to get to the same files. And I have the originals in quite high-quality stereo WAV if anyone with more audio-engineer chops than me (not hard) wants to get their hands dirty.