Olympos, home of the gods! Olympos, highest mountain in Greece!


Mist-shrouded, looming, majestic.


Actually once we started up the track we could easily have been in New Zealand. There's beech forest, and pine-topped craggy outcrops.

Img:150*800*olympos-beech.jpg Img:150*800*dsc02284.jpg

These look from a distance a lot like hebes (I presume they're not):

Img:150*800*dsc02287.jpg Img:150*100*dsc02288.jpg

Not many birds though.


We walked for about an hour, but it seems we weren't reverent enough. Further up the valley there were mutters, then rumbles, then full-blown thunder. A few drops of rain began to fall, and we high-tailed it back down the track.

Of course once we'd turned back the gods were satisfied, and the rain never actually appeared. So we stopped at the cafe at the track entrance for a meal. (Note the brand of beer, appropriate for the setting!)


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