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What we’re listening to (and playing)

We spent most of the weekend at home, and a significant portion of it twanging on strings. I’ve learned the tricky second bit of Lama Bada Yatathana, a beautiful Andalusian Arabic song. It’s a slow 10/8 (grouped 3-2-2-3) and I always thought the rhythm changed when the melody did, which was my excuse for not […]

Some musical discoveries

It seems to be a good time for music, or at least for me discovering music. A few nice things I’ve come across lately: The Goat Rodeo Sessions (click the “Preorder now” link to see more about the album itself, while mentally cursing a musician’s idea of web design). I don’t have this yet, but […]


Spring is almost upon us! For the past week, almost every time I’ve looked out the windows I’ve seen the sun!1 It’s not warm yet, but surely that cannot be far away? In celebration thereof, a youtube clip that made me smile (and, at 2:20, laugh). [via] Notes:Yes, I close my curtains at night, smarty. […]

The Circus comes to town

“Wij spreken niet het Nederlands, maar onze taal is universeel: het is de muziek!” (“We don’t speak Dutch, but our language is universal: it is music!”) Babylon Circus played the Melkweg last night, and it was great. They’re a huge (ten-piece?) French ska/reggae group with truly astonishing energy on-stage.