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A list too long for twitter

The wikipedia page for Hugh Cook’s series Chronicles of an Age of Darkness currently includes the following extraordinary paragraph:

At different times, the novels portray or allude to murder, bestiality, female genital cutting, cannibalism, racism, sexism, speciesism, abortion, masturbation, mutation, incest, inbreeding, constipation, assassination, gambling, drunkenness, brawling, diarrhoea, capitalism, leprosy, castration, slavery, evolution, patricide, regicide, venereal disease, forgery, treason, dwarf tossing, torture, orgies, incontinence, suicide, disembowelment, capital and corporal punishment, drug use, religious fraud, bribery, blackmail, animal cruelty, disfigurement, infanticide, the caste system, democratic revolutionary movements, rape, theft, genocide, transvestitism, premature ejaculation, prostitution, piracy, and polygamy.1

I have too many amazed responses to this, and can’t decide which is funniest. It’s probably best if you just read it aloud to yourself, repeating each item in a tone of astonishment.


  1. Every element of the list is linked, except “religious fraud”. []


  1. S. glaber wrote:

    I’m glad they specified ‘at different times’. I wouldn’t want to try portraying all those things simultaneously, although I think there might be a couple of Hieronymous Bosch paintings that come close.

    Friday, March 14, 2014 at 12:14 pm | Permalink
  2. tikitu wrote:

    I’m not sure even he could manage to fit in capitalism, speciesism, and democratic revolutionary movements(!).

    I also love “brawling”.

    And I wonder how the list is sorted: order of importance? Just as they came to mind?

    Friday, March 14, 2014 at 7:56 pm | Permalink