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There is a thing I’m reading, a serialised novel by the name of Constellation Games. It’s a slightly guilty pleasure, because its protagonist is a programmer in his thirties who gets to visit the Moon and play computer games with space aliens. And yes, I have been enormously enjoying his capsule reviews of alien computer games.1

So it seems other people are enjoying Constellation Games; people who are even closer to its ideal demographic; people who actually make games. Which is why there now exists Gatekeeper: a game written by space aliens millions of years ago, which you can play in your browser.

I can’t say that you should read Constellation Games if you enjoy Gatekeeper. (In fact, if you enjoy actually playing Gatekeeper for more than a few minutes then I’m a bit worried about you.) But if Lek Stalker and Ruins Deluxe tickle your funnybone, check out the rest of the novel. (Also, it is dirt cheap.)


  1. I’m a sucker for microfiction and for reviews-as-fiction. Even with real computer games I have been known to let reviews, backstory and a bit of shoulder-surfing substitute for actually playing. []