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Ongeadresseerd reklamedrukwerk (a study in irony)

Municipal elections are coming up. I’m not paying much attention, but an amusing piece of self-assured advertising pushed itself under my nose this evening.

There’s a smart initiative here, issuing stickers for on your mailbox that say “No unaddressed advertising, no house-to-house newsletters” (or no to one but yes to the other). They’re nationwide and highly recognisable, with a big “NEE/NEE” or “NEE/JA”. They might even keep some of the junk away, who knows?

Today’s post contained a flyer from GroenLinks, a political party whose name translates literally as “GreenLeft”. The flyer informs us that because of our NEE/NEE sign, they did not leave a house-to-house newsletter in our mailbox. It also tells us where we can go for more information about the party.

Funnily enough, the flyer doesn’t mention the fact that despite our NEE/NEE sign they did leave unaddressed advertising in our mailbox. But perhaps they realised that we could figure that out without their help.