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Yat Kha on eMusic

Thanks to Robin, my eMu downloads for next month are already spoken for. Back when I was working on my thesis I blogged about the throat-singing punk band Yat Kha. Since then I’ve pretty much stopped buying plastic cds, so anything that doesn’t show in eMusic gets an immediate black mark. Now they’re there. The eMu user xtrev says (about their covers album) “You know that ‘fine line between genius and madness’? I think these guys can still just about see it, somewhere off in the distance.” Soundly seconded, and I recommend checking out Tuva Rock as well. A shame they don’t have Yenisei Punk, but I’ll hope it turns up later and in the meantime…

Just in case this should convince anyone to join eMu: if I give you a referral link, I get extra downloads if you sign up. It costs you nothing and would make me happy (the free trial comes with 50 downloads, I get my kickback only if you decide to subscribe and pay for the service).

[A note for the real aficionados: “Eki Attar” (‘good horses’) also turns up on Genghis Blues and turns out to be quite a good search term if you’re looking for Tuvan throat-singing. I might have to use some more of those downloads making up a comparative collection — the dance remix is particularly unexpected. I’m willing to bet the Yat Kha version is the most punk you’ll find though.]